Pokedex Art 151 3D Pokemon – One at a time!


3D Pokemon: Charmander!


Keeping with the Charmander theme, we wanted to do a fresh take on our Pokemon.  This rendering of Charmander was created in a more simple setting while still invoking a strong mood.  Hope you like it!


Pyro Charmander!


This is a fantastic piece done by a great artist and friend, Terry Ververgaert.  We've all been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 lately, so this seemed really appropriate.  The only thing he's missing is a ridiculous hat.  Have a look at Terry's deviant art gallery for some great art.



3D Realistic Pokemon: Jigglypuff!

Rockin it OLD SCHOOL! Jigglypuff gets down 80's style with nothing on but his chromed-out pokeball belt. Hope you enjoy.
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3D Pokemon: Tentacool

Always found this guy kind of creepy. The first thing you see are the big glowing red orbs and assume they're his eyes. When the real eyes creep up on you, it's usually kind of frightening.
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Oh Snap!

Pokemon Snap Contest!

Click the image to check out our Pokemon Snap contest!

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3D Pokemon: Diglett!

Diglett........What more can I say?  These little guys has been haunting our dreams for the last number of years. It's now clear that they have been genetically engineered in some "off-the-books" laboratory in Switzerland! Hope you enjoy.

Tags: 3D, cartoon, diglett, game, gaming, nintendo, Pokemon, rpg



3D Pokemon: Ditto!

Ditto, the beautiful pink gelatinous goo.  This snapshot was takin in the wild - luckly we managed to get another Ditto in frame for even more points. Professor Oak will be pleased!

Tags: 3D, cartoon, ditto, game, gaming, nintendo, Pokemon, rpg



3D Pokemon: Drowzee!

As far as Pokemon go, you can't beat Drowzee. I mean, who can't relate to constantly being tired and wanting to sleep? Not quite sure if he's meant to be a pig, elephant or hippo, but he's generally cute as hell. Hope you enjoy!

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3D Pokemon: Gastly
Our latest art peice is Pokemon's Gastly.  I went off on a little more scary avenue for this one.  Still loveable of course! He was always my favorite character in the Nintendo game Pokemon Snap.
I hope you enjoy!

Tags: 3D, cartoon, ghost, gastly, game, gaming, nintendo, Pokemon, rpg



3D Pokemon: Exeggcute!

Took a break from Portal 2 to put out a quick holiday pic!

Just in time for Easter.  Had a couple ideas flying around about this one - whether to color them or not, etc.  The lazy child in me likes the idea of finding all the eggs in one pile during an Easter Egg hunt.

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